We are empathetic designers, insightful strategists and seasoned builders.

Since its founding as a modest fitout family business in 1988, Daya™ has grown into a hybrid full-service firm delivering creative design and build services that transform all dimensions of the human experience, providing our clients with strategic and creative solutions that positively impact their lives and the environments where they work, serve, play, and thrive. Our collective network includes 4 offices, combining industry experience, service expertise, and geographic reach to deliver projects across the country and around the world.

Brand Values

Creativity unites us
This belief is at the heart of our DNA. It represents our commitment and is the foundation of trust within our team and offices.
Relentless curiosity
We never settle and are never satisfied with the obvious, the easy, the convenient. We explore the world around us with constant wonder andinfuse that in our work.
Make it better
Our commitment to craft means we not only deliver what’s expected, but we go beyond expectation to produce work of genuine, lasting value.
Embrace change
Change is the one constant in our industry. We embrace it, see everything new as an opportunity and value resilience in how we move forward.

Daya's Leadership Team

Hamdan Kasimi
Sharyfie Hamdan
Managing Director
Eugene Foo
Creative Director
Alex Iglesias
Head of Technology
Jemaldeen M. Nowfer
Managing Director (Sri Lanka)
Yakoob M. Nowfer
Project Manager (Sri Lanka)
Ei Phyu Win
Accounts Manager
Sameer Kundiladukam
Lead Visualizer
Anjanette Anudon
Project Manager
Peter Gatweku
Office Manager