Al Ahli Hospital : Luxury Wards

Building a converging destination for the affluent seeking a healthcare

Al Ahli Hospital, Qatar
Bin Omran, Qatar
940 m2

The Challenge

Since 1989, Al Ahli Hospital provides healthcare for Qatar's affluent which keeps them ahead of competitors. However, they faced pressure from new entrants and strengthened competitors. To continue to be relevant and be one of the preferred choice for healthcare in Qatar, they approach Daya to redesign the interior of their 4 luxury wards; Imperial, Royal, VIP & Deluxe. How can Daya design a ward that matches the hospitality of 4 Seasons and provide excellent healthcare services? Beyond Qatar, the opportunity for Al Ahli Hospital to be the pioneer to instigate medical tourism in Qatar.

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Our Approach

Daya knew that the project required a space that manifests a patient-centric approach with a healing environment and a 5 star hospitality. And this further supported with technology to complement a salutogenic environment. We 'looked out 'created 2 parallel case studies. Column 01 are understand hospitality from good practitioners such as 4 seasons and W Hotel. Column 02 are studying similar healthcare providers internationally such as Mount Elizabeth Hospital, Singapore and Bumrungrad International Hospital, Thailand. We converge the 2 type of case studies, and defined the the interior design brief for Al Ahli Hospital's luxury ward.

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What we delivered

With inspiring & affluent interiors, 3 upper class patient suites (Imperial, Royal & VIP Suites) looks more like a starry hotel than a traditional hospital; in line with Al Ahli Hospital’s objective of targeting the affluent audience in healthcare.

This project unites technology & design to create a space where the service provided are as valuable as the environment, ensuring comfort & empathy for patients & for the medical team to work efficiently. Planned with an integrated app from the phone that will allow patients to select their dinner, control the integrated Netflix subscription from the TV and learn about the next scheduled specialist visit.

Together with Al Ahli Hospital’s administration & the medical team, Daya’s team endeavored to create environments that evoked the general feeling of well-being patients, rather than immersing them in the sterile atmosphere associated with diseases and treatments typical of clinics and wards.

In the room, natural materials gives the room a comfortable atmosphere while bespoke joinery hides essential medical equipment, which makes patients (at least visually), forget that they are in a hospital. All aspect of the project were designed from the perspective of the patient and his/her companions, not the processes that take place there.

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What we learned

Daya learned that the ideal consideration for a well designed ward requires a focal point to be placed on the patient and complemented by clinical, sanitary and family and visitors requirement.

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Project Details

Type : Healthcare

Project : Al Ahli Hospital-Luxury Wards

Client : Al Ahli Hospital, Qatar

Location : Bin Omran, Qatar

Area : 940 m2

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