Transforming the interior space of a leading global law firm in Qatar's legal scene for the next dacade.

Dentons, Qatar
Lusail, Qatar
545 m2
The Challenge

When Dentons partnered with Daya, they had 3 aims.

  • To relocate to the up & coming business district of Qatar; Lusail.
  • Maintain their top position in Qatar's legal industry as Dentons faced pressure from strengthened competitors to the market.
  • Achieve better value per square meter.
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Our Approach

Daya collaborated with Dentons team to set in motion a complete transformation of their office space - and ther spatial organization. A focus in prioritizing space with respect to service has enabled Dentons to innovate towards a positive customer experience. From an interior design perspective, the materials needed to represent corporate and trust.

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What we delivered

When Dentons originally started out in Qatar, they identified a great problem to solve; international businesses didn't have the know-hows of international law representation in Qatar. Back then, when Qatar was a developing market, being a world renowned brand was sufficient. But clients' expectations have changed - local legal firms were able to provide similar services & other international renowned law firms entered the scene. They needed a space that compliments their ambitions.

We set out to understand the macro needs, trends and the impact this is having on both Dentons' staff and clients - and the opportunities it presents. We conducted a segregation of user profiles, environmental consideration (external views and Qiblat) to understand the experience relative to the space. We used these insights to prioritize the spatial arrangement. The considerations that defines the realization of Dentons' new office are as follows.

  • Zoning Segregation: A good commercial office space is defined by 4 zones complementing one another, with respect to Public vs Private spaces. The 4 Zones are resident, resource, meeting and social.
  • Value Costing Approach: From our analysis, Daya highlighted and made a recommendation of the items that is re-useable from the old office (furniture, window components  and etc) & retain existing elements from the new office (raised flooring, ceiling, toilet and etc). This allows us to have an estimated 20% overall savings from the construction cost.
  • Environmental Considerations: 60% of the peripheral boundary are exposed to extended views of the new city & waterfront, with part of the office exposed to the afternoon sun. With these, meeting zones where clients and Dentons staff dwells are located to face the waterfront.
  • Lighting & Acoustic Consideration: Lighting and acoustic qualities are important to accomplish task efficiently and safely. It helps with the overall efficiency of the dweller's work output.
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What we learned

Helping Dentons to mitigate the impact of disruption - gave Daya first hand experience of the challenges that such companies face when confronted by new entrants and strengthened competitors. This experience has helped us to hone our product strategy offering to help clients move their business forward at a pace.

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The Results
  • 24% increased capacity from an almost equal floor area between old and new office
  • 23% cost savings from value engineering exercise
  • A controlled circulation between public and private spaces
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Project Details

Type : Commercial Office

Project : Dentons Office

Client : Dentons, Qatar

Location : Lusail, Qatar

Area : 545 m2

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